Montgomery County Offices are open to the public. However, in an abundance of caution, anyone entering a County building will be required to wear a mask or face covering, have their temperature checked, and practice social distancing. We ask that you practice safer at home and only visit County buildings when necessary.

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Emergency Weather Information

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Check here for any weather statements from EMA, as needed.

Hazards Associated With Thunderstorms

  1. Lightning
  2. Hail
  3. Damaging Winds
  4. Tornadoes
  5. Flash Flooding
  6. Fires Caused by Lightning Strikes

Lightning Safety Tips


  • Get in a strong sturdy building.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Avoid using the phone.
  • If in a vehicle, stay there.


  • Move away from bodies of water.
  • Avoid high places and open fields.
  • Stay away from metallic objects.
  • Avoid isolated trees.

30/30 Lightning Safety Rule

  • First 30 - Take cover if you hear thunder within 30 seconds of seeing a lightning flash.
  • Second 30 - Wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash or thunder clap to resume normal outdoor activities.

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornado Watch - Conditions are conducive to the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area.

Tornado Warning - A tornado has actually been sighted by spotters or indicated on radar and is occurring or imminent in the warning area.

  • Go to an interior room on the lowest level
  • Get under something sturdy, if available
  • Stay clear of windows, doors, and outside walls
  • Protect yourself from flying debris
  • Do not stay in mobile homes or vehicles

Flash Flood Safety Tips

  • Move to higher ground
  • Stay out of flooded areas
  • Never drive into water of unknown depths
  • Be especially cautious at night