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  • What is an adoption?

  • Who may adopt?

  • Who can be adopted?

  • What is the difference between an adoption by a stepparent or a close family member and other adoptions?

  • Can grandparents obtain visitation rights to see the adoptee after the adoption?

  • What steps are usually involved in an unrelated adoption?

  • What is a pre-placement investigation?

  • Whose consent to the adoption is required?

  • Can a minor consent to the adoption of his or her child?

  • When, where, and in what form must a consent or relinquishment for adoption be given?

  • When may a consent or relinquishment be withdrawn?

  • When is a petition for an unrelated private adoption filed?

  • Where is a petition for adoption filed?

  • What expenses can I pay?

  • How confidential is an adoption?