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Montgomery County Maps

The link below directs users to the University of Alabama's Alabama Maps Collection. The collection is administered by the Cartographic Research Lab in UA's department of Geography. By clicking on the link, patrons can view maps of Montgomery County, some of which are held by the Montgomery County Archives.

Montgomery County Maps

1860-1862 Slave Holder Affidavits Map

This map acts as a companion to the index titled "1860-1862 Slave Holder Affidavits Index" listed under the finding aids and indexes tab. It depicts where owners of enslaved people who had enslaved people imprisoned in Montgomery County, Alabama lived between 1860 and 1862. The map also consists of "pins" which represents one enslaved person. Each pin contains the demographic information of an enslaved person. Although each pin represents an enslaved person, the pin marks the area where the owner of the enslaved person lived. This is because the slave affidavits from which the demographic data is pulled, does not mention where the arrested enslaved people lived. The map is intended to act as a visual representation of the "1860-1862 Slave Holder Affidavits Index".