County Commission

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The governing body of Montgomery County is the Montgomery County Commission, consisting of five members who are elected by districts. Each Commissioner is elected to a four-year term and represents approximately 45,000 constituents. The Chairperson and Vice Chair are selected by a majority vote of the Commission.

The Montgomery County Commission's responsibilities include control of all county public funds, adoption of an annual budget reflecting anticipated income and expenses (by law, expenditures cannot exceed revenue received). Other major areas of responsibilities include construction and maintenance of roads in the county outside the city jurisdiction, providing services for all county departments, purchasing supplies and equipment related to county operations, providing a general support function for all activities being supplied by the county such as telephone support, supply support, mail processing and distribution, and employee benefit packages.

The Montgomery County Commission meets on the first and third Monday of each month. However, if that Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting is held on Tuesday of that week. All sessions are held on the first floor of the Montgomery County Administration Building, Courthouse Annex III, located at 101 S. Lawrence Street. The Information Session begins at 8:00 a.m., in the Commissioners' Conference Room. The Formal Session follows at 9:30 a.m., in the Commissioners' Court.

For more information on Commission meetings, contact the Administrator's Office at 334-832-1210.

Commission Members

Daniel Harris, Jr.
District 1

Elton N. Dean, Sr.
District 2

Ronda M. Walker
District 3

Isaiah Sankey
District 4

Doug Singleton
District 5

Correspondence for each commissioner may be addressed as follows:

Commissioner Name
Montgomery County Commission
P.O. Box 1667
Montgomery, AL 36102

County Administration

The County Administrator's Office works with Montgomery County Commissioners and other elected county officials to facilitate the delivery of quality and effective services to the citizens of Montgomery County. The Administrator is appointed by the County Commission and is responsible for implementing policy enacted by the Commissioners for the day-to-day operation of county government.

County Switchboard

Donald L. Mims, Administrator
(334) 832-1210

Florence M. Cauthen, Deputy Administrator
(334) 832-1203

Hannah Hawk, Manager of Public Affairs
(334) 832-1270

Sherrill Thomas, Finance Director
(334) 832-1268

, Director of Risk Management
(334) 832-1280

We welcome your questions or suggestions regarding the County Commission and Administration. Send your email to  Tammy Nix.