Motor Vehicle Tags 



8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


101 South Lawrence Street
2nd Floor
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 832-1233

Probate West
3075 Mobile Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36108
(334) 262-4226

Probate South: Capitol Plaza
3032 Woodley Road
Montgomery, Alabama 36116
(334) 281-9999

Probate East
5449 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36109
(334) 272-8505

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  • Registered owners must apply.
  • Fees are based on the value of the vehicle and cannot be quoted until paperwork is completed in our office.
  • Please call any of our offices if additional information (other than fee quotes) is needed.
  • Please also have proof of valid insurance and proper identification. 

Vehicle purchased from a licensed dealer in the State of Alabama, the following documents are required:

  • Owner's copy of title application (from dealer) 
  • Itemized Bill of Sale (showing break down of sales tax collected)
  • Previous registration information (if available)

Vehicle purchased from a licensed dealer from another state, the following documents are required:

  • Original Manufacturers' Certificate of Origin (if vehicle is new) or original title (if vehicle is used) assigned to buyer
  • Itemized Bill of Sale
  • Vehicle must be presented for inspection
  • Lienholder information including loan account number (if applicable)

Vehicle purchased from an individual (private party):

  • Original title (reassigned to buyer)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Complete lienholder information (if applicable)
  • Registration information (if available)
  • Vehicle must be presented for inspection if you have an out of State title 

Vehicle  is currently registered in your name in another state, the following documents are required:

        Title is not held by lienholder or no lien on vehicle:

  • Original title
  • Out of state registration (if available)
  • Vehicle must be presented for inspection

        Title is held by lienholder (financed):

  • Copy of title reflecting lienholder
  • Out of state registration if available  
  • Vehicle must be presented for inspection


  • Alabama offers many personalized and specialty tag options. Additional fees apply to personalized and specialty tags. 
  • View tag types and reserve your license plate with the Alabama Department of Revenue.


    You may renew your boat registration by using any of the following options. You must have liability insurance in order to register your vehicle.


    In order to minimize processing time, please present your tag renewal notice, previous registration receipt, or tag number and your Alabama driver license or non-driver ID. Renewals can be processed at any of our (4) locations:

        Courthouse Annex III
        101 South Lawrence Street 
        (334) 832-1233

        3075 Mobile Highway
        (334) 262-4226     

        Capitol Plaza Shopping Center
        3032 Woodley Road
        (334) 281-9999

        Eastmont Shopping Center
        5340-A Atlanta Highway 
        (334) 272-8505


    • Renew by mail (NO ADDITIONAL FEE) by following the instructions on your renewal notice.
    • For assistance call (334) 262-4226.


    • Information contained on the renewal notice is required for internet renewal.
    • Renew on line (NO ADDITIONAL FEE)  
    • To check the status of an internet renewal, please call (334) 262-4226.