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During the 2015 general session, the ALABAMA LEGISLATURE made significant changes to the amount and distribution of fees charged for a marriage license in Alabama. HB320 (now known as Ala. Act 2015-493) mandates an increase of $30.00 to the current charge for a marriage license in every county in the state.

The new law is intended to use the additional charges to create and fund the Domestic Violence Trust Fund which will, in turn, be used to assist victims of domestic violence.

As a result of HB320, beginning January 1, 2016 a marriage license in Montgomery County will cost $70

The following information is provided for persons interested in obtaining a marriage license in Montgomery County. 











Requirements/Fees/Information may differ in other counties in Alabama. Divorce records are not maintained in this office.






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General Information

Licenses are issued Monday through Friday between the hours of  8:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Montgomery County Courthouse Annex III, 101  S. Lawrence St, 2nd Floor.

  • Directions to Annex III


  • Legal age to marry without parental consent is 18.  Individuals who are 16 & 17 years old must meet requirements listed below.


  • Both parties must be present to apply for a license (no blood test required). No waiting period after license is issued.


  • License is $70.00 and must be used within 30 days from the date of issuance.


  • The license is valid for marriages performed in any county in Alabama. It may not be used out of state.


  • Applicants divorced less than 60 days may not purchase a marriage license unless he/she is marrying his/her former spouse from said divorce.


  • If previously married, please bring a copy of your divorce decree when purchasing the marriage license.


  • Payments accepted: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or local check


    Courthouse Ceremonies

    • By appointment only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons between 12:00 pm and 4:30 pm. Call 334-832-1235 for an appointment. Appointments are not taken more than one month in advance. 
    • The ceremony will be performed in a small multi-purpose room on the 2nd floor. No music or decorations allowed.  Discretion is requested as this is a workplace environment.
    • The total number of guests who may attend is eight (8).  Witnesses are not required.
    • Total cost is $102.50
    • Forms of Payment:
      • $25.00 - CASH must be paid to Magistrate
      • $77.50 - CASH, CHECK, VISA OR MASTERCARD (reflects resent increase)
      • Bills larger than $50 cannot be accepted

    Requirements For Persons 18 years or older

    All marriage license applicants must provide positive identification, that includes their correct legal name.

    Acceptable forms of identification include, but are not limited to: valid driver's license, passport, military ID, original certified copy of state issued birth certificate, other state issued ID, U.S. Government issued ID (including Green Card, VISA, Alien Resident Card, etc.). "State issued," identification includes, but is not necessarily limited to, identification issued by a state of the United States, by a foreign country or state, or by an agency or a subdivision of a state of the United States or of a foreign country or state. Acceptable positive identification is official governmnet-issued identification that provides sufficient proof that the applicant is who the applicant represents he or she is.

    As a policy, the Montgomery County Probate Office does not collect or use applicants' social security numbers, and does not require proof of an applicant’s social security number for the issuance of a marriage license.

    As a policy, the Montgomery County Probate Office does not discriminate in issuing marriage licenses based on immigration status. The Montgomery County Probate Office does not require an applicant to provide proof of lawful presence in the United States or of legal immigration status in order to be issued a marriage license.


    Requirements For Persons 16 or 17 years of age

    At least one parent must be a legal resident of Montgomery County (proof  of residency is required).  All  requirements listed below must be met:


    1. Once residency is established, both parents must be present, or the custodial parent must provide a certified  copy of the divorce or legal document that grants care, custody, and control to the custodial parent (subject to review and decision by Licensing Authority).
    2. An original certified copy of the state issued birth certificate for the minor.
    3. Official picture identification for minor and each parent or legal guardian.

    Montgomery County Marriage Records
    101 S. Lawrence Street, 2nd Floor
    Montgomery, AL 36104

    1.  Montgomery County marriage license indexes from approximately 1975 to present are available on our website.  Records prior to 1975 are being added; however, not all older records are available on line at this time. 

    • If you are searching for a pre-1975 license that is not listed in our index, contact our recording section at 334-832-1239
    • Records that are listed but contain only a book & page number and  "M" as the supplement number must be researched further through the Recording Section. Call 334-832-1236.

    2.  A certified copy of a marriage certificate issued in Montgomery County may be obtained in person or by mail.  The cost is $2.00 per copy.

    Additional Contact Information 

    Montgomery County Divorce Records 
    100 South Lawrence St.
    Montgomery, AL 36104

    State of Alabama, Center for Health Statistics
    (marriage records for counties other than Montgomery County, birth records, and death records)
    3060 Mobile Hwy,
    Montgomery, AL 36108