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Montgomery County Archives 

Courthouse Annex III
101 South Lawrence Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
(334) 832-7173


The Montgomery County Archives (MCA) holds and provides access to Montgomery County government records with historical and lasting administrative value.  Agencies with records in the MCA include the Montgomery County Probate Office, the Montgomery County Commission, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, the Montgomery County Revenue Commissioner, and the Montgomery County Circuit Court.  In addition, the MCA accepts private collections and donations of individual items.

Note:  The Montgomery County Archives holds only records related to Montgomery County.  For records created in another county, contact the Probate Office in that county or the Alabama Department of Archives & History.
Examples of records held in the MCA include:

Montgomery County Probate Office

Orphans’ Court Minutes

Marriage Records, 1817-1970

Wills, 1817-1949

Probate Court Case Files, 1817-1990

Records of Conveyances, 1820-Present

Corporation Records, 1880s-1968

Military Discharges, 1910-1968

Election Records, 1840s-Present

Montgomery County Commission

Meeting Minutes, 1818-Present

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department

Jail Logs, 1880s-1978

Mug Shots, 1953-1978

Montgomery County Circuit Court (including Chancery Court and City Court)

Civil Case Files, 1867-1976 (Divorces, 1867-1960)

Mayor Emory Folmar Collection

Dowe Family Collection


Uncertified Copies: $1.00 per page

Certified Copies: $2.00 additional per document


For more information or to order copies, contact: 

Montgomery County Archives
Telephone: 334-832-7173 or 334-315-2006
Fax:  334-832-7137