Montgomery County Archives

Courthouse Annex III

101 South Lawrence Street

Montgomery, Alabama 36104

(334) 832-7173


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The Montgomery County Archives (MCA) acquires, organizes, preserves, and provides access to Montgomery County government records with historical and lasting administrative value.  The MCA accepts donations of individual items, as well as collections of papers and manuscripts, related to the county and its history.



For records created in another county, contact the Probate Office in that county or the Alabama Department of Archives & History.




 Note:  Patrons can find many records held by the MCA, including Real Property records back to 1971, Personal Property records back to ca. 1900, and marriage indexes back to ca. 1970 in the Montgomery County Records and Recording division's online records database.  Patrons and customers should frequently refer to this database to see if and what new records have been added to it.

 In addition to accessing the records database on the Records and Recording division website, patrons can also access it on the MCA's webpage.  On the left side of the MCA website exists a link titled "Records & Archives Search".  By clicking on the link, patrons can use the same database available on the Records and Recording division's webpage to search for records.

The MCA also offers a catalogue on its in-house computers of images and documents from its collections that the archives has digitized. Please contact the archivist for additional information about this resource.


Uncertified Copies: $1.00 per page

Certified Copies: $2.00 additional per document

Photographs:  $10.00 per image

CD of Requested Documents:  $10.00 per CD in addition to normal charges for copies of $1.00 per page 


For more information or to order copies, contact: 

Dallas Hanbury

Montgomery County Archivist
Telephone: 334-832-7173

Fax:  334-832-7137