Zero Meth 

            1,313 Montgomery County Children Reached As Of 3/22/11 


We are reaching out to children and young adults ages 10-25 in order to educate them about the dangers of Meth.  This training is sponsored by Gov. Bob Riley and the Alabama District Attorney’s Association.   Each county is supplying training in many different methods. 

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office is supplying training in a very hands on manner.  We have partnered with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force to bring this information into the schools, churches and youth facilities of Montgomery County.  If we stop just one person from trying Meth, then we will have saved a life and made a difference.  Our hope is to save many lives!

We try to make it fun for the children by having silicone bracelets, carabineers, dog tags, cups, pencils, tote bags and splatter brains with a positive message of ZEROMETH to give away.  The Sheriff’s Office also has a Meth hearse.  It is very visual and quite effective.

Knowledge is power. We hope to empower the children of Montgomery County with the knowledge of the dangers of Meth so that we have ZEROMETH in Montgomery County.

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