Current Bid Opportunities for Montgomery County


51901-19B-022 Golf Cart 07/30/2019
51901-19B-021 Pest Control Services     07/30/2019
52110-19B-020         Installation of Floor Covering 07/17/2019
   52602-19P-019     RFP Detainee Medical Services Program for the Montgomery County Youth Detention Facility 07/24/2019
   52110-19B-018   Law Enforcement Duty Weapons Exchange 07/08/2019
53000-19B-017 Amendment No.1 Bituminous Plant Mix 06/11/2019
53000-19B-017 Bituminous Plant Mix             06/11/2019
  53000-19B-015     Amendment NO.1 High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch 6/11/2019
53000-19B-015 High-Performance Asphalt Cold Patch 06/11/2019
52602-19P-014 Notice to Refuse all Request for Detainee Medical Services For Youth Facility 06/10/2019
  52602-19P-014     Detainee Medical Services Program for Youth Facility 06/10/2019
52110-19B-013 Emergency Medical Treatment and Transportation 04/08/2019
53600-19B-012 Notice To Contractors Resurfacing County Roads Project MC-1-2019 05/07/2019
51965-19B-011 Private Data Network Probate/Revenue West 03/25/2019 Results
52200-19B-010 Inmate Food Service 12/27/2018 Results
   52110-19B-009     Law Enforcement Emergency Equipment 12/28/2018 Results
   51965-19B-008     Private Data Network Youth Facility 11/27/2018 Results
51901-19B-007 Amendment 2 Janitoral Services 11/13/2018
51901-19B-007 Amendment 1 Janitorial Services 11/13/2018
51901-19B-007 Janitorial Services 11/13/2018 Results
    51965-19B-006     Private Data Network 11/08/2018 Results
53000-19B-005 Crushed Stone 11/07/2018 Results
53104-19B-004 Traffic Sign and Supplies 11/08/2018 Results
52200-19B-003 Inmate Uniforms     11/02/2018 Results
57202-19B-002 Drug Lab Services     10/25/2018 Results

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