Current Bid Opportunities for Montgomery County


51300-17P-022 Request for Proposal Electronic Voting and election Management System Equipment 08/14/2017
52200-17B-019 Inmate Telephone & Video Service 06/26/2017
51910-17B-017     Delivery of Election Equip. 07/05/2017
51988-17B-011 Employee Luncheon 03/28/2017 Results
51988-17B-010 Vending Machine Services 03/21/2017 Results
51965-17B-009 AMENDMENT 1 SAN Backup Storage appliance Expansion 01/25/2017
52110-17B-008 Sheriff's Office Uniforms 01/31/2017 Results
51965-17B-009 SAN Backup Storage Appliance Expansion 01/25/2017 Results
51100-17B-007 Move DA's Office-Child Support Division 01/25/2017 Results
51500-17B-006 Off-Site Printing of Notices 12/28/2016 Results
52601-17P-005 Manage and Operate Community-Based Adolescent Program 01/05/2017
51100-17B-004 Armored Car Services 12/12/2016 Results
51988-17B-003 Catering of Food Trays 11/16/2016 Results
52110-17B-002 Notice to Refuse All Bids 12/05/2016
52110-17B-002 Sheriff's Office Uniforms 11/04/2016
51988-17B-001 Employee Luncheon 11/03/2016 Results

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