Current Bid Opportunities for Montgomery County


52200-18B-025 Kitchen Equipment for Detention Facility 07/18/2018
52110-18B-022 Polo Shirts MCSO 06/20/2018
51965-18B-021 Private Data Network 05/29/2018 Results
51100-18B-020 Residential Solid Waste
 Collection and Disposal
05/14/18 Results
51901-18B-019 Amendment No. 1
Air Filters and Service
    51901-18B-019     Air Filters and Service 05/15/2018 Results
15200-18B-017 Oil, Lubricants and Supplies    06/21/2018
53000-18B-016 Bituminous Plant Mix 05/01/2018 Results
    51901-18B-015     LED Canopy Lights 04/30/2018 Results
51901-18B-014 Dumpster Rental and Trash Collection 04/09/2018
51910-18B-013 Installation of Floor Covering  05/01/2018 Results
52603-18B-012 Corrections Staff Uniforms     03/29/2017 Results
51965-18B-011 Computer Hardware Maintenance 03/27/2018 Results
53100-18B-010 Amendment No. 1 Hydro Seeding System 03/14/2018
53100-18B-010  Hydro Seeding System 03/14/2018 Results
52200-18B-009 Commissary and Trust Fund Management Off-Site Service 05/09/2018 Results
52110-18B-008 Law Enforcement Leather & Accessories 03/12/2018 Results
52110-18B-007 Graphics and Lettering 12/27/2017 Results
52200-18B-006 Inmate Security 12/07/2017 Results
   52110-18B-002     Amendment No.1  Emergency Medical Treatment and Transportation 04/30/2018
52110-18B-002 Emergency Medical Treatment,Transportation 04/30/2018

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