Current Bid Opportunities for Montgomery County


52601-17P-005 Manage and Operate Community-Based Adolescent Program 01/05/2017
51100-17B-004 Armored Car Services 12/12/2016
51988-17B-003 Catering of Food Trays 11/16/2016 Results
52110-17B-002 Notice to Refuse All Bids 12/05/2016
52110-17B-002 Sheriff's Office Uniforms 11/04/2016
51988-17B-001 Employee Luncheon 11/03/2016
52200-16B-043 Inmate Security 10/06/2016
52200-16B-041 Inmate Food Service 09/26/2016 Results
53000-16B-039 Metal Pipe 09/08/2016 Results
52110-16B-038 Footwear MCSO 09/09/2016 Results
51965-16B-037 Fluke OptiView XG 08/31/2016 Results
51965-16B-036 SAN Storage Expansion 08/31/2016 Results
52110-16B-033 Amend  No.1
Oil Service & Tire Rotation
52110-16B-033 Oil Service & Tire Rotation 08/31/2016 Results
53100-16B-017 Notice to Refuse All Bids
RB-48A Self-Propelled Broom
51901-16B-035 Uniform Rental 08/09/2016 Results
51100-16B-032 Cancel Move DA Child Support 09/07/2016
51901-15B-032 Move DA Child Support 08/29/2016
57202-16B-031 Drug Lab Services 09/21/2016
53000-16B-030 Concrete Pipe 08/15/2016 Results
53000-16B-029 Metal Pipe     08/15/2016
51901-16B-028 Pest Control Services 07/25/2016 Results
52100-16B-027 Notice to Refuse All Bids 08/10/2016
52110-16B-027 Footwear MCSO 08/10/2016
51901-16B-025 Uniform Rental 07/25/2016 No Award
51901-16B-024 Grounds Maintenance 07/12/2016 Results
51100-16B-023 Move Probate South Office 05/26/2016 Results

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