Placement of Utilities on a County Right-of-Way 


  1.    Anyone proposing to perform work on a County right-of-way should
        first apply for a permit and post an appropriate bond at the 
        County Engineering Department before beginning any utility 
        installation work.
2.    Complete drawings showing location of proposed utility installation
        along with a letter of request to locate subject utility on a County
        right-of-way should be submitted to our department for review and
        approval before any utility installation work begins.

3.    All utilities are to be placed parellel with the roadway within the
        outermost five feet of the right-of-way.  There may be certain
        situations where adverse conditions such as steep back-slopes,
        swamp areas, or deep ditches would not allow installations of
        utilites at this location.  Deviations from this standard installation
        location requirement must be approved by our department before
        any utility installation work begins.

4.    All underground fiber optic utilities on a County right-of-way shall 
        be buried with a minimum of 42 inches of cover.  All other 
        underground utilities on a County right-of-way shall be buried
        a minimum of 30 inches of cover.

5.    Open cutting of County roads is not allowed. Only boring under 
        County roads is permited.

6.    Montgomery County is not responsible for any damages that may
        occur to a utility as a result of our routine right-of-way and
        roadway maintenance activities.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Chad DeFoor at (334)832-1312.