Become a Polling Official 



     Thank you for your interest in becoming a Polling Official for Montgomery County.  To qualify as a Polling Official, you must be 18 years of age, and a registered voter in Montgomery County.  Prior to each election, Polling Officials will be appointed from a list of qualified workers from each precinct.  In most instances, Polling Officials serve in the precinct in which they vote.  Each precinct has a maximum number of officials that are allowed to serve, based on the number of registered voters for that precinct.   

    Ideally, the precinct Chief Inspector will call each potential official from their precinct, to verify each worker’s availability, before submitting a name on a staffing assignment sheet prior to an upcoming election.  From this list of available workers, Polling Officials will be assigned to a job-specific training session.  A Training Notification will be sent to each potential worker, specifying a date, time, and location for training.  Once your training requirement has been completed, your name will be submitted for official approval by the Appointing Board.  After approval, you will receive an Appointment Notification, specifying the date of the election and the precinct location for which you have been appointed.


     Pursuant to Alabama law, Polling Official training is held prior to each election.  Training sessions are held up to sixty days prior to each election.  Multiple sessions are available; however, it is recommended that you make every effort to attend your assigned session, or make arrangements to attend a session that matches the job/duty for which you have been assigned.  
    Compensation for working the polls is one hundred dollars per election – this amount includes twenty-five dollars for training.  If for some reason you do not attend training, and we have no opportunity to replace you, your compensation will be seventy-five dollars.


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