Voting Precincts 



Montgomery County and City of Montgomery Precincts & Polling Locations

Polling Locations for Montgomery County are effective for June 11, 2019.

Please click here to view a listing of the approved polling locations for Montgomery County.

** All County, State, and Federal Elections in Montgomery County use the above polling locations. 

Only Municipal (Mayor / City Council) Elections use the polling locations listed below.  **

Polling Locations for the City of Montgomery are effective for August 27, 2019.

Please click here to view a listing of the approved polling locations for the City of Montgomery.

All voters in Montgomery County should be notified of their district, precinct, and polling place assignments by the Board of Registrars.  For more information, please contact the Montgomery County Board of Registrars at 334-832-1215 or the Montgomery Election Center at 334-832-7744.

Please click
here for House 74 Special Primary Election Polling Locations for June 11, 2019.