Montgomery County Board of Registrars-Voter Registration 


The Montgomery County Board of Registrars consists of three members appointed by the Governor of Alabama, the Alabama State Auditor, and the Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. The Board is appointed for four-year terms. 

The Board of Registrars presides over the first phase in the election process, registering voters in and outside the office and maintaining the records of all registered voters in the county. It actually sets the election process in motion when at the conclusion of the voter registration period; it certifies the list of eligible voters used to identify voters at the precincts. At the conclusion of voting, the voter lists are returned to the Board, where each voter’s participation becomes part of his or her voting record or history.  The Board also makes determinations on all provisional ballots voted on Election Day.

You may reach this Board by:
Phone:    334-832-1215

Address:   Montgomery County Board of Registrars
                 Post Office Box 1667
                 Montgomery, AL 36102-1667

The Board is physically located in Room 256 on the second floor of the Montgomery County Administrative Building, Annex I, which is located at the corner of South Lawrence Street and Adams Avenue. Office hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

The 2014 Election will see a major change in some of Montgomery County’s State Legislative Districts, especially in the configuration of House Districts, as a result of the redistricting legislation approved by the Alabama Legislature.  The lines for House District 73, currently represented by Rep. Joe Hubbard, were moved and will no longer include Montgomery County.  Additionally, a portion of Montgomery County, mostly in the southwestern part, will be part of House District 69, currently represented by Rep. David Colston.

Voters in Montgomery County will vote in the newly drawn districts beginning with the June 3, 2014, Primary Election.  Candidates ultimately elected in the November 4, 2014, General Election will represent the newly drawn districts.

All voters will receive new Voter Identification Cards updating their voting status and location prior to the 2014 Primary Election.

Any voter who has moved to a new address and has not notified this office, in writing, should do so
as soon as possible
so that he or she will know where to vote in the June Primary and thereafter.


July 15, 2014  Primary Runoff Election

July 3, 2014     Last day to register  (Walk-ins, Thursday, July 3, 5:00 pm.  Mailed registrations postmarked by July 3)
July 10, 2014    Last day to apply for absentee ballot
July 14, 2014    Last day to postmark absentee ballot
July 14, 2014    Last day to hand-deliver absentee ballot

November 4, 2014  General Election

October 20, 2014   Last day to register (Walk-ins, Friday, October 20, 5:00 p.m.  Mailed registration postmarked by October 20)
October 30, 2014    Last day to apply for absentee ballot
November 3, 2014    Last day to postmark absentee ballot
November 3, 2014    Last day to apply for absentee ballot 

     Where to register in Montgomery County:
---All Driver's License Divisions of the Probate Judge's Offices
---All county libraries
---All county health department offices
---All county agencies (Food Stamps, Welfare, Rehabilitation, etc.)
---And at this office located at 100 South Lawrence Street
Voter registration is cutoff 10 days prior to any election.
Voter Statistics
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Send Board of Registrars email to or click on


Address Changes:
If you have moved or plan to move, it is your responsibility to notify the Board of Registrars. Address changes are now required by law to be in writing. If you do not notify the Board, you may be moved to the county's "Inactive List." If you have moved outside of Montgomery County, you must re-register to vote in the new city/county/state and when we are notified of this move, we will remove your name from the Montgomery County list.

Registration Form:

All forms must have original signatures and be filled out completely .
No faxes will be accepted. 

Click here to download an Acrobat file of the Voter Registration Form to be completed and brought in or mailed to the following address:

  Montgomery County Board of Registrars
Post Office Box 1667
Montgomery, AL 36102-1667

   Adobe Acrobat files require the Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe Systems, Inc. Click    the Acrobat symbol to download the free Acrobat viewer.