On Site Inspections 


  What are some of the reasons why a member of the Montgomery County Appraisal Department Real Property Appraisal staff would conduct an on site inspection?

  • building permit(s);
  • new construction or modifications to existing improvements;
  • ownership change(s);
  • taxpayer request;
  • 25% annual review;
  • septic tank activation notice;
  • rural address requests;
  • newspaper articles, media reports;
  • general discovery and more
What can I expect when an Appraisal Department staff member visits my property for an on site inspection.

By State law, we must personally view each property in Montgomery County at least once every four years (we call this our 25% annual review).  This is why, along with the above mentioned reasons, each year, our appriasers are busy inspecting, measuring and photographing the exteriors of properties throughout Montgomery County. 

What will the Appraisal Department Real Property Appraiser be driving?

The Montgomery County Commission requires the Appraisal Deparment Real Property Appraisal staff members to drive their privately owned vehicles in the performance of their county duties.  Each individual appraiser drives a different make and model of vehicle.  These vehicles are identified with magnetic signage on each side of the vehicle.  The signage is clearly identifiable with the Montgomery County seal and the words "APPRAISAL DEPARTMENT" in large bold letters.

What form of identification will the Appraisal Department Real Property Appraiser present?

Each member of the Appraisal Department Real Property Appraisal staff has an official county provided photo ID card.  The card displays the employees photo, name, department number and employee ID number.  Each appraiser also carries a business card with their mailing address, telephone number, fax number and email address.  Please feel free to ask for one.

Do I have to let the County Appraiser inspect my property outside?  Inside?

No, there is no law that requires a property owner to allow the County Appraiser to conduct an on site inspection.  As a matter of courtesy, and ensurance of accurate inventory of one's property, it is beneficial to the property owner to accommodate a request to conduct an on-site inspection.

Will I receive notification of the results of an on site inspection?  When?

In speaking with the Appraiser during the on site inspection you may verbally request they contact you with the results.  Or, you may telephone the office at a later date to inquire.  Or, each year a Valuation Notice is mailed to all property owners who have received a value change on their account.  Valuation Notices are typically mailed in June each year.

If I have a question or concern regarding a member of the Appraisal Department Real Property Appraisal staff being on my property who do I call?

You may direct all inquires of this nature to the Montgomery County Appraisal Department at (334) 832-1303.