All businesses located in the State of Alabama on October 1st (statutory lien date for ad valorem taxation) are required to submit a Business Personal Property Return for assessment of their business personal property assets.

Business Personal Property Return (ADV-40)

Business Personal Property Short Form (ADV-40S)

New Business

If you are a new business on October 1st, and you have never filed a Business Personal Property Return, please click the link below to obtain a return form.  Business Personal Property Return forms must be submitted by December 31st annually.

Please complete the form and
mail to:

                    The Montgomery County Appraisal Department
                    131 S. Perry Street
                    Montgomery, AL   36104

fax to:           (334) 832-7777

If you have any questions please call (334) 832-2537 or 2538 or 2539 or 2540.

Business already on file

All taxpayers that have submitted a Business Personal Property return in prior years will receive a return each year (in compliance with yearly reporting requirements) which must be completed and returned no later than December 31, in the same year.  

The return you will receive from our office in September will provide on Part A, B, C, D, E and F all data from your previous years submission.  This information is provided to assist the property owner in adding, deleting and/or changing any information necessary for reporting compliance as of the October 1st lien date.  See example below.

Business Personal Property Return - Part A

Failing to File

Failure to make an assessment (return you Business Personal Property Return form) by the 3rd Monday in January will result in a ten (10%) percent penalty and assessor fees added to the tax bill.