How To Appeal 



Appeals of property values in Montgomery County must be received in writing and post marked within 30-days of the mailing date stated on the valuation notice.  

Please be aware failure to receive a written appeal letter within the 30-day time period may result in no further action taken for the tax year in question.

Please mail all appeals to: 

The Montgomery County Board of Equalization
131 S. Perry Street
Montgomery, Alabama  36104 

In order for an appeal to be valid, in your written correspondence please state the reason for the appeal and provide sustantiating documents to support any change in value.

Information necessary in your written appeal: 

(1) If complaint is filed by anyone other than the property owner a signed Letter of Authorization must accompany your appeal;

(2) State the purpose for the appeal;

(3) Identify the parcel (s);

(4) Attach supporting evidence for consideration;

  • recent appraisals (within last two years);
  • listing/sales contracts;
  • expired listings;
  • engineering reports;
  • soil/water testing reports;
  • land conservation reports;
  • Realtors CMA reports;
  • photographs;
  • repair receipts;
  • contractor estimates;
  • income/expense statements; three year history-itemized;
  • rent rolls;
  • leases and more!

(5) Include contact name, phone number and/or email address; and

(6) Date and sign the written appeal.

For more information on valuation/assessment objections see Code of Alabama, 1975, Section 40-7-25.